Friday, 23 February 2018

Friday, February 23rd 2018- French Resources

How can I help my child learn French?
·        Look for or plan opportunities to include French in family outings.
·        Create an area at home that includes French books, videos, and games.
·        Encourage your child to watch French-language television programs.
·        Plan for French language development and support by creating connections with French speaking neighbours, older siblings, or tutors.
·        Always stay positive and learn French along with your child!

FRENCH WEBSITES 2013 (please note that some sites may not be updated) (for French books and resources) Internet addresses and popular software lists) (online bookstore selling French books and software for children K-12)

To find and purchase French resources:

435, rue Donald, Ottawa (Ontario)K1K 4X5
Tél. #: 613 747-8000 or 613-747-1553

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