Tuesday, 6 September 2016

French Immersion September Newsletter 2018

French Immersion Teacher: Madame Corriveau
English Teaching Partners:

Program Night will be held on:

I would like to welcome all students and their families. I hope everyone had a wonderful summer. I would like to share the following key information with you to start off the school year:

  1. This year, our School Board theme is " Sent to be the Good News”.  

  2. Please check the class Blog daily (http://madamecorriveau.blogspot.ca) for important events, information, and assignments. To receive all blog posts to your e-mail, please go to the site and look for and click on “follow by email” to register.

  3. Throughout the year, please feel free to contact me at school (613-834-6334), if you have any questions or concerns or send me a message by clicking on the “Need to Reach Me?” section on the blog.

  4. Here is the focus/theme for each subject taught in French for Grade 4 and Grade 6 for September-October:
French Second Language:
Grade 4: making connections, interviewing a classmate, introducing ourselves, identifying listening, speaking, and understanding strategies, identify French-speaking communities in Ontario.
Grade 6: making connections, autobiography, identifying listening, speaking, and understanding strategies, identify French-speaking communities in Canada and the World.

Social Studies:
Grade 4: Early Societies- Medieval Times
Grade 6: Communities in Canada, past and present: contributions made by various groups to Canadian identity

Grade 4: Habitats and Communities
Grade 6: The Diversity of Living Things

The Arts:
Grade 4: Visual Arts-primary and secondary colors, types of lines and shapes, motifs
Grade 6: Visual Arts-Tertiary colors and color value, texture created by lines and shapes, volume

Grade 4s and 6s Special Events / Activities:
- Many sports teams & School Play
- Scientist in the School workshops
- 2 Social Justice Project
- Year-End Trip
Grade 4 only:
Bible Ceremony (November)
Grade 6 only:
- Office Helpers
- 2 ski trips (Feb. & March)
- Retreat at Divine Infant Church
- St. Peter's Catholic High School tour / visit
- Grade 6 Leave Taking Ceremony & Dance
- Grade 6 - EQAO Testing (end of May)

I am excited for the learning journey that will take place with your child. To quote David M. McConkie: “A teacher is also a student.” I will learn about your child, with your child, and from your child. The wonder, curiosity, interest, and inquisitiveness that your child will bring to French class will be received with an open mind and an open heart! I look forward to meeting you on Program Night!

Your Partner in Education,

Mme. L. Corriveau

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