Friday, 23 February 2018

Friday, February 23rd 2018

Here are a few updates for the French class for Term2:

Grade 4`s will be inquiring, exploring, and learning about the following topics:

French: writing: cartoon strip & poetry (acrostic and cinquain; reading: asking questions, visualization & inferring; speaking: speaking spontaneously on familiar topics; listening: identify listening strategies and the purpose for listening in various situations.
Social Studies: 7 physical regions of Canada
Music: simple musical notation, composing and performing music, and families of instruments.
Science: (2 units) light and sound; rocks and minerals
Dance: create a short dance on a theme; identify the elements of dance in their own and other performances; describe how forms of dance reflect people`s different social and political roles in various communities, times, and places.

Grade 6`s will be inquiring, exploring, and learning about the following topics:

French: writing: a story & poetry (diamante and rhyming); reading: asking questions, visualizing, and inferring; speaking: speak spontaneously on a range of topics; listening: identify and use interactive listening strategies to suit a variety of situations while participating in social and academic interactions about familiar and personally relevant topics.
Social Studies: Canada and its interactions with the World (Global Community)
Music: explore further aspects of musical notation, compose or perform by playing the recorder, think critically about the music they hear or perform.
Science: (2 units) Space & Electricity
Dance: use guided improvisation as a starting point for choreography; identify the elements of dance and how they help communicate ideas or messages; describe types of dances used among Aboriginal people (past and present) that express aspects of their cultural identity.

And... Next Friday, March 2nd- Board Game Block for the Lenten Project

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