Monday, 12 September 2016

Tuesday September 7th 2017

Good day Parents/Guardians,

Here are some links to videos that will be viewed in the French Immersion classroom this week. We have been spending time getting to know one another through various activities and discussions. Students will learn about the Multiple Intelligence Theory and they will create their own profile. Enjoy!

Grade 4:
Grade 6: 

Students will begin to learn Art concepts as well as be introduced to the Science unit (grade 6 only). Here are the links for videos used as visual aids:

Grade 4:
Couleurs primaires et secondaires:

Grade 6:
Couleurs tertiaires:

*Vidéo: Éduquer la biodiversité- (3:14)

*Vidéo: David Suzuki parle de la biodiversité-

We have also been praying every day in French class. The grade 4 students are learning the French prayer before lunch and both classes are sharing prayer intentions and reciting the "Notre Père".

Image result for notre pere prayer scroll

Prière avant de dîner

Seigneur Jésus
Nous sommes
Ici rassemblés
Pour partager
Ce pain
Que tu nous as donné
Nous sommes heureux d’être avec toi
Pour ce repas
Que nous mangeons dans la joie

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